We know how different life can be for different women.  Whether you're currently juggling an endless list of responsibilities, needing to do something just for yourself, looking to learn a new skill, or simply wanting to be part of a group of like-minded women, that's why we're working towards offering different workshops to suit a range of life-stages, interests and commitments. 

If you work full-time our Saturday workshops will probably suit you.  If you're a MUM (Multi-skilled Unpaid Miracle worker) or a lucky retiree, maybe Thursdays will be better.  Either way, our pace of instruction and support aims to give everyone the confidence needed to use a wide range of woodworking hand-tools, power-tools and machinery to make, create, fix and repair. 

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29 October
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"The level and style of instruction - a really lovely way of teaching - it was detailed enough, and covered what it needed to in a short enough time that we could stay focused. The repetition was great so that I could get comfortable with tools that scared me. It was clever to give us basic wood to work with so that we could relax about trying things out. I appreciated that we were encouraged to take things apart and reassemble them, ie tools and changing out blades etc and trying new hand tools. Having a teacher and support teacher was great too"

Louise, workshop attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the facilitators and learned so much about correct use of tools. Now I understand grinders, routers and the different saws.  Many useful measuring tips, etc, along the way.  I can now sharpen my plane blades correctly and set the blade on the skill saw.  All hit and miss before. Thank you for a fun, valuable course. Look forward to further courses."

Annie, workshop attendee

"This workshop delivered everything I hoped for, thanks to the energetic, supportive, fun and knowledgeable crew. It was delivered in a very down to earth way, with something for everyone. The small group learning was a perfect way to pick up skills and get to know people. I left every session smiling!"

Justine, workshop attendee